Kevin Moudy

Kevin Moudy physiqueKevin Moudy was born in Arlington, Texas where he grew up playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and track. Although athletic, Kevin was quite tall for his age and had a skinny figure. So at age 16, he and his high school friend Joseph Lane, would wake up at 5 a.m. to go lift weights before school. That was when the true gym rat was born.

Kevin went onto Texas A&M where he studied accounting and finance but took as many kinesiology classes as he could. Outside of the normal college life studying, he spent many hours at the state of the art rec center on campus. After graduating, he moved to Dallas to start an accounting job but soon realized sitting in a cubicle wasn’t for him. While looking for other job opportunities he spent many hours at the local 24-hour fitness where a personal trainer promoted him to join as a trainer.

After taking classes and studying at the National Association of Sports Medicine, he started training at 24-hour fitness in early 2011. What was meant to be just a part time job and supplemental income turned into a full time passion and career. Going onto become a Master Trainer, he spent almost 7 years and 7500+ sessions training there.

Kevin is bringing this impressive background to Nue Fitness, and is motivated more than ever by the potential of this company!