Five Tips for Losing 5 Pounds Fast

Five Tips for Losing 5 Pounds Fast

Are you scrambling to lose that winter weight? Maybe you need a quick way to shed 5-10 pounds before you show up at the pool this weekend, or go on that summer vacation at the beach. For some, losing that last 5-10 pounds can be the hardest part of the weight-loss journey.

You?ll spend a lot of time searching for answers online, and trust us- you?ll find a thousand of them. There are more ?tricks? to losing weight than ever before, but with all of these options- it makes you wonder where to even start.

NUE Fitness founder, Joseph Lane will teach you how to push past this plateau and reach your big weight-loss goal- by taking you back to the basics. These are the same 5 steps his personal trainers in Dallas, TX teach all of their clients to lose weight.

Here are Joseph?s ?Five tips for losing 5 pounds fast?

Portion Control

Diet is most important to losing weight quickly … everyone is different so reach out for help and get the right Macronutrient totals for your diet. MacroNutrient Calculator


Water Water Water

Drink over a gallon of water every day! Water is a natural diuretic, so it will use what it needs and dispose of the rest. Get rid of the sugary drinks and replace it with water! Women?s Health has a great article about the effectiveness of water in your diet.


No Sugars and Starchy Carbs

Eliminating sugar and dropping the carbs in your diet is the easiest way to lose weight. Follow step 2 and get the right totals for your carb consumption but make sure they are whole grain complex carbohydrates. No more sugary treats… PERIOD! How about 30 sugar substitutes to sweeten up your meals for any occasion.


Get Up and Get Moving

We all get lazy at times, but if you want to reach those weight-loss goals, you must get off your butt and get the body moving. Whether it’s discipline, motivation, or “know how”, always reach out for help on your weaknesses. Having a good strong workout partner is key to quick results.



You must sleep at least 7 hours every night! People who sleep less tend to stay heavier. The body can not properly recover and function without getting the proper rest! Sleep might just be the most important part of your weight-loss journey.

These steps will ignite your mind and body, and rev your metabolism up. Turn your body into a fat burning machine, and never ever be afraid to ask for HELP!